September 29, 2016

Every now and again, something happens that you just have to laugh at…usually that means laughing at myself. However, yesterday something happened that made me smile and laugh about someone else’s reaction….


Yesterday I bumped into two former students whom I mentored quite intensively during an internship regarding their business, as they were preparing to go into the US market etc. One of them knew about my transition and she was awesome, giving me a big hug etc. The other person, a male, introduced himself to me, as if he was meeting me for the first time. I commented that it was good to see him again, and that he was looking well. He apologized for asking, but did ask if we had met before. The young woman slapped him on the shoulder and said “duh….this is Erin….E.R.I.N. ” He looked a bit puzzled for about 2 seconds then it clicked in….he was quite apologetic and embarrassed! It was, I must admit, a bit amusing. He didn’t have a clue. Poor thing!!!


On a side note…..working with a team of professionals that consists of men from New Zealand, Shanghai, Norway and France all this week on some aspects of international compliance…..the first time we have met. Things are going well in that the they haven’t noticed a thing. So….???


September 22, 2016

After I was finished teaching last night, I went to a meeting with the principal partner and managing partner of my consulting firm, as they were in town last night for other client meetings. It is always good to catch up with them whenever I can, as it is rare given everyone’s busy schedule. Anyway, they always ask how I am doing personally, which I told them. They were very pleased to hear how well things are going. That’s when one of them made an interesting point, one that I must admit, I had not given a lot of thought to. They said that people are probably not making a big deal of my transition because I am not making a big deal of it. I, as they said “totally own it”, walk into a room with confidence, dignity and just engage just as anyone else does. People can tell that I don’t see it as an issue, so they don’t either. I have been thinking about this perspective. I wonder if this is really the case??? I would think that if someone is really not accepting, doesn’t matter what I do??? Gonna have to give this one a bit more thought….????


September 20, 2016

Another item checked off….finally able to send in my change of name documents to the province (long story) yesterday. Things are moving along. Sooo many moving parts, balls in the air etc. But at least I now see light at the end of all those tunnels (there I go, mixing my metaphors again…) so I am in a good place. Just liven’ my life out loud.


September 15, 2016

My boss (VP) came into my office yesterday and shut the door asking if I had a minute. This is usually not a good thing…but that is a story for another day. A little background for context…for over 10 years, four of us used to go on a golf trip every year down south, just a “guys” week of golf (VP 2 senior AVPs and me). Well, of course that has changed given, well, you know. However, he came in to say that the “guys” were going again this year and wanted me to join them! That, to me, was totally out of the blue, as I completely dismissed that as a possibility, given, you know….So, very nice of them to ask. I was very happy. It means a lot.


However, I will not be able to go this year for two reasons. One, I haven’t swung a club in about a year given my surgery so I need to get out to the driving range to make adjustments to my swing given lower club head speed due to loss of upper body strength, etc, and will probably be getting new clubs to match my new swing etc. Second, I will not have my new passport by then due to excessive processing times for new birth certificate etc.


But look out next year!!!




September 9, 2016

Not quite sure what to make of this….I have noticed in the past 3 months, the requests for consulting have increased dramatically. Much more so that just the usual “bump” as we approach the fall. I am more in demand than I ever was, so not sure if this is a sign of improving economy, increase in issues that I specialize in, or more people selecting me over others??? I have spoken to one person who does my bookings as she says that as I am much more pleasant to deal with, it is just easier for them to book me. So maybe I just happier now and it shows??? I know my confidence is waaaaaay higher than ever before. Probably a combination of all of the above? Who knows. But who am I to complain???



September 2, 2016

Just goes to show….life in a small city can be interesting????


Went to take my car dealer to make an appointment for my car, no big deal, regular maintenance stuff. The first time I was there since going “full time” so they hadn’t see the authentic “me”. They all welcomed me back, normal conversations, like they knew who I was….which, trust me….is not always the case, as I look very different now. Anywho, turns out, they had already heard, changed my information in their system to reflect my proper name etc, prior to me coming in and moved on. I have purchased three cars from them, so I know everybody quite well. The general manager told me that I am the sixth trans person in their customer base. It’s all good. So, apparently, word is out.


Interesting when you are a medium sized fish in a very small pond……sigh…..