October 31, 2016

It’s great when you reconnect with an old friend…..I was at Sephora on Saturday, restocking, as one does, when I turned down an aisle and there she was…..a friend who I hadn’t seen in a year!! OMG….it was like two high school girls! Squeals of delight and big hugs! We didn’t want to let go! We chatted for about 30 minutes and after 3 more hugs, we finally decided to link up for dinner this week to continue our conversation. She has been an important ally for me throughout my journey. She is not a cheerleader, but an ally….she tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. I love her to death. She is so awesome and I am ridiculously happy that she is back in my life. And she is doing so well….she’s in a great relationship now and looks marvellous. Can’t wait to link up with her again. Sometimes things do go your way. It was the lift I definitely needed…


October 27, 2016

Had a wonderful conversation last night with a couple that I have known for a number of years. He is a member of my dive team, in fact, did some of my training, and is 2IC of his unit on our military base. He called me yesterday afternoon as he was just told by senior command that someone in his unit is about to start their transition, so he wanted to speak with me about how he can best support this person. So off I went to his house last evening to chat with both him and his lovely wife (who is a doll and we all get along famously). It was some three hours later when I emerged from their home. They asked all the right questions, and I was able to give them my perspective and info on my journey and they said they both learned a ton. He told his commander that he was going to speak with me, and my friend told me last night that senior command on the base wanted to know if I would meet with them to discuss how to support this person. That was an easy thing to agree to! So sometime probably in the next 10 days or so, I will be meeting with Senior command on the base to have that discussion.


I was so proud of my friend (and my dive unit) for how accepting he is, and wanting to make sure this person gets the support they need. Definitely a move in the right direction for our military. Thanks to all those who serve!!!!


October 24, 2016

5:00 on Friday, met with a colleague at their request. Oh great….now what??? I knew I should never answer my phone after 4:30 on Friday’s….but I digress. Anyway, long story short….I’ve been asked to assist with the design and delivery of a development program for the LGBT community and organizations on how to design and implement LGBT policies regarding recruitment, hiring, services and anti-discrimination workplace policies. It awesome, it’s just that it’s another project on a plate that is already over flowing with work. But I am going to make time for this one for sure.


Interesting how I have been approached for more work than ever since I transitioned….never been so busy! So not sure what is up with that. I mean, if you are going to have a problem, that is a good one to have. Better busy than broke, I say. But holy…..it can be exhausting……???


October 16, 2016

I know there has been lots of talk about “year 2” when you are full time. I wonder what that will be for me. I seem to be a my new normal now. No fuss at work, we just do our jobs…friends are good, family is fine….no more talk about what it is like to be transgender etc. Everyone is just going about their normal lives. I wake up, not thinking that I am trans, but a woman. Go about my morning…..exercise, breakfast, pick out my outfit for work (or throw on a pair of jeans if its the weekend), hair, make up (which is minimal now to achieve the same look). Then off I go. I run what ever errands I have to, never an issue, or do what ever house/yard work needs to be done, etc. Dinner or movies or shopping with girlfriends etc, I just don’t know how much more normal my life can get?? I am at peace with myself, for the first time ever. Have I reached “year 2” early, or is there something else that is waiting for me around the corner??


October 15, 2016

Just got my first media request for an interview. The Executive Director of our HR Department warned me of that when I first transitioned as he thought this would be the case. So I am working with our communications department as I haven’t a clue as to what I am doing. So far, my representative has negotiated that I will be able to see the questions ahead of time, and have right of correction to the story prior to print. Another interesting aspect to all of this……?????


October 5, 2016

Interesting interaction with a colleague at work yesterday…Very special event, induction into our Hall of Fame for 5 very influential people in our industry. So, dress code was semi formal. And yes, I was wearing a bit more formal of a dress than usual work dress code, so a bit more “shapely” shall we say. Everyone thought it looked great, but that is an aside. Anyway, one of my colleagues came over to me and said that he wanted to tell me something and that he didn’t want me to get upset or take it in the wrong way, but felt I should know. Long story short….he said that I was standing with could best be described as not great posture when from across the room, he glanced over in my direction and did a bit of a double take, and he literally said to himself:


“wow, I didn’t know Erin was pregnant!… Then after a minute it hit me that you couldn’t be pregnant! It is so engrained with everyone that you are a woman that we don’t see you as anything else. So that’s where my mind went to.”


So obviously I was taken aback, and quite frankly, a bit upset at myself with my apparently obvious mid bulge. But in all fairness, if I slouch, that is what happens. We chatted about if for a few minutes and we both laughed as I began to see what he was getting at. So, eventually I got to a place that it was a complement….but wow, first reaction, not so much.


You just never now what is gonna happen next on this journey!!!???


October 3, 2016

had a very interesting meeting a few days ago….


I was asked to participate in a study that is being done by one of the local family medicine practitioners at a family health clinic. He is interviewing a bunch of Trans* people regarding their experiences with access to family doctors and their experiences during those visits. His goal is get enough data to publish an article about the lack of services available to meet the needs of the Trans* community, be it finding a family doctor that is willing to prescribe hormones, ongoing monitoring and providing a welcoming, respectively environment. He is hoping to raise awareness of the need, and to encourage family doctors to take on trans* patients and that the HRT protocols are now very well documented at not that complicated.


We’ll see…..????