So, there I was, last evening, sitting on the forward deck, BBQ burger, beverage, tunes in the background, amazing views, all as a 57 year old woman ! My thoughts went back to where I was less than two year ago, and it was hard not to get a bit emotional. For some of you, 2 years may seem like a long time, but over a life span such as mine, not so much. Regardless, it was cause to pause for a moment to reflect. Actually, more just to appreciate where and who I am today. It really is ridiculous when I think of it. It makes me chuckle actually! But that is good. Really good.

Add to that, I have met some really neat people the past two weekends. All super friendly. They stop to introduce themselves (and their dog if they have one) and chat about boats, weather, meeting up later maybe to continue to chat. Men, women, children, not a single issue. Nada. The more I engage, the more people stop by. Just stands to reason, but I have never before had people source me out to converse, or just hang out. To say I am more outgoing and interested in hearing other people’s story is the understatement of the year. And I guess it shows. Who knows. I’m just enjoying it and learning to accept that this is what I am all about, and being comfortable with who I am. 

It’s amazing how your outlook changes when you are not desperately trying to please others, forgetting the first person you have to be pleased with is yourself. So guess what I do a really good job of now? Yup, just being me. For many people this sounds so stupid. Of course you are being you, they say. Well, if you’re transgendered, that is not something you are used to doing. Something the  Cis world has no experience with. And good for them. I’m glad, because it is not a great situation to be in. I always say that I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. but I’m glad that it worked out for me. But it was a ton of work. Sad to say, not all of us get there. And that is the really sad part of this.  

So , yes, sometimes reality can seem surreal. But then you realize it is real. And I really love it!


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