I’m sure all of us at some point take a few minutes to clean out our wallets/purses. You often find things that you really don’t need any more but they cause stress on the wallet due to taking up too much space. Things like old movie ticket stubs, to do lists, grocery lists, untold receipts that you can’t read anymore, etc, etc, etc. I do that on a regular basis my self. It’s amazing the sh!t I find in there that has no purpose what so ever. But what about your emotional wallet?

So there I am in my happy place, which in this case is curled up on the port side lounger by the helm, blanket, cup of tea, thinking about just that. Time to clean out my emotional wallet. And trust me when I say there is a lot of sh!t in there that I really don’t need to deal with anymore. Hurtful comments, being ignored, or worse yet, being singled out. Loss. Great losses. Plenty of emotional scars over the years that did occupy space in my emotional wallet, but not anymore. 

That being said, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t more things that end up in there, with a promise that I will deal with them later, much like stuffing a used theatre ticket in there. This clean out will take a bit of time. Some are easy. Others, not so much. But I do work on them. The hope being that in the end, there will be more room of useful things and it won’t be as stressed from the excessive stuff that doesn’t provide any value what so ever. As example, for me, now, this means finally dealing with the issue that no matter what I do, it’s not good enough for someone. Time to let that one go and move on. The only people I answer to now are myself and my two girls. Others? Not so much. That one got tossed out. 

And so it goes. Each item examined and dealt with. Some getting tossed out easily, in the hopes they end up in a place far, far away. Others, go back inside, to be dealt with at another time, when I’m stronger and have more answers. Until then, I remain confident in who I am, proud of the person I have become and my accomplishments. Do I still have work to do? Oh hell yes. I am a work in progress. And who knows? Maybe I always will be. The journey continues. Hopfullly with a lighter wallet and spirit.

How about you? What’s in your e-wallet?


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