Never has a statement been more true in my life than right now. Literally and figuratively speaking. Literally, it has been raining here for 5 days straight with two more to come. Normally, that doesn’t bother me that much. It’s a hell of a lot better than snow! Figuratively, well that’s a bit of story. It’s been quite a week, or should I say, 5 days. 

First, I had the pleasure (not) of spending 16 hours in the ER at one of our local hospitals. I was initially terrified out of my mind, but the doctors worked very quickly to get to what appears to have been the root of the issue. In the end, all it took was a tweak of one of my meds, and things seem to be back on track. 

Then throw in the work I did on the weekend. I was asked to work with a at team of entrepreneurs to help them with their innovation which was in the LGBT space, in particular, with the trans community. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome and I was so impressed that this is the market they wanted to focus on. And it was fun. It was just on the weekend….a lot of time on the weekend. But a great group to interact with. So, NDA signed, off we went. 

Add to that, with all this rain, I now have water in my basement. The worst is over. It has at least stopped seeping in. So now it’s just a matter of vacuuming it up and setting up the dehumidifers and drying everything out, preventing mold. Had a few very late nights, and not in a good way!! Ha Ha. 

It has been interesting if nothing else. It has always been said that you should be careful what you ask for. The ancient proverb “May you live in interesting times” can be both good and bad. Truthfully? I would be quite happy right now not to live in interesting times.  I would love to be bored!! Ha ha.

And just for giggles, I have to go for my cancer screening appointment this week which is always so much fun. I got that notification in the mail two days ago on Firday. Not a big deal, been doing this for the past 10-12 years or so, only because I am high risk.Not anticipating any issues. It’s just a pain to do. But the good news is, at least I am around to have the tests done!!

So looking forward to days of sunshine, …both literally and figuratively!!!


2 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours…

  1. OMG!!! Health scare and a swimming pool for a basement? The audacity of the forces of the universe……. L.O.L. Thank god you’re okay at least. I was a bit worried! Sounds as though you’ve had a normal week for a typical human though. As sucky as that may seems Good to hear you’re well! Now go down to the basement and take a leisurely soak in your new pool, you’ve earned it. Seriously though….I’m so happy to hear these crises have passed. Be safe, be careful and steer clear of plumbers. All the best, Erin. J


  2. Thanks Jess! Yes, I am doing much better. A modification in one of my meds and I am feeling really great. But I really do appreciate your concern, you’re very kind!

    And ya, there was a flyer in my mailbox this morning from some guy named Noah, apparently he makes boats or something?? Anyway, may have to give him a call! Ha ha.

    take care Jess, fly safe.


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