“Wait…what? I thought you were transgendered?”


“So…isn’t being transgendered mean changing your gender, by definition?”

Good thought. Maybe so. I may not know everything there is to know about Transgender, in fact, I know I don’t. However, I do know about me. My thought, for what it’s worth, is that I am not changing my gender. My gender has been the same since birth. Woman. What I am doing is accepting my gender and changing my gender expression to match my gender.

Sound confusing? Welcome to my world…

It may seem like I am splitting  preverbal hairs. But not to me. I guess it depends on who you are and your perspective. So I am not sure who is correct in this discussion but it was an interesting one. To the outside world, to them it appears that I have certainly changed my gender. Absolutely. I get that part. But internally, that is not what I feel. I don’t feel that I have changed by gender. Not the least. What I have done is stop denying who I am. Stopped pretending to be a man. Finally accepting my true gender.

Now some would argue that there are those in the outside world (i.e. not trans) that would agree that I have not changed my gender. A few people in my inner circle knew perhaps before even I accepted it, that I was a woman, so they don’t see it as a change. However, on a larger scale, those that knew the old me had no idea it was coming and therefore have been a witness to “the change”. Then there is the segment of society that did not know me prior to my transition and have not clue that I am trans and just see and accept me as a woman.

Either way, I am who I am. My gender never really changed. I am just congruent.

Welcome to Erin 2.0 !!


2 thoughts on “I’m not changing my gender…

  1. Wow, I never thought of it from that perspective before. I must say that it makes a lot of sense, and maybe helps explain a little of why I feel the way I do about my self. Thanks!


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