It always amazes me how much of an impact little things can make in your life. Some of them, on their own, may not be a big deal at all. But when they accumulate, together they can make a big difference.

Over the past few days, a few have conspired, in a good way, to come together to provide a bit of a “pick me up.” I never turn those down !! 😉 . First, I taught my last three hour class of the semester the other night. International Trade Law, for my grad students. First time ever, ever, I have received a standing ovation at the end of a class. I’ve been teaching for years, but as my old self, that never happened. As my true self? Boom! Made my day for sure.

I also had a meeting with our associate director of HR, nothing special, just to catch up. She’s someone I can always vent to if need be. We got to talking about the proposed changes to the Gender issue (see recent blog entry). That’s when she flat out said that she totally got what I was saying. She, as well as other women in my department according to her, totally know that I am a woman. They don’t even think about me being a transwoman, just a woman. That was nice to hear, particularly at this time. It also affirmed that women, at least in my little corner of the world, are not just accepting of me into their inner circle or “their side of the aisle” to quote them, but see me as a woman. Period. Now, before anyone gets all riled up, No, she isn’t speaking for all the women on the face of the earth! She was just commenting on what she has heard and chatted about with the other women in my department of 350 people.

Then my boss let me know that he is more than happy for me, as a Director in his department, to meet with and take on an issue with a Deputy Minister in another jurisdiction. He said “you’re the expert, your call, and I’ve got your back if need be.” That was a great vote of confidence both in who I am and my abilities. That was really good to hear.

So, on their own, maybe not such a big deal, but when all smacked together, it made me feel pretty good. About who I am, where I am, and the work I do. Because after all, that’s all I want. To live my true life, do my job, and make a contribution.

Don’t underestimate the power of little things, both for you and for others! Can make your day for sure.


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. It’s true, isn’t it. Small validations from respected friends and professional colleagues can simply have you over the moon. I’ve so learned to enjoy them that I have taken to making sure I inadvertently drop hints to others about how they shine and what I know will make their day brighter. Not falsely mind you but with true sincerity. We do forget to respect each other in our haste, it seems. I try to point out people’s wonderful attributes whenever I can now. I never bothered with that before. Turns out it was my loss. Life is good these days.


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