I had the very good fortune of meeting up with a friend of mine last night. We were both speaking at the same corporate event. I was the lead off yesterday to kick off the event, she is on today, which was great for me, cuz I never want to be after her. She is so friggin’ amazing and been on the “circuit” for a long time that’s she such a pro and always packs them in. Anyway….

We got to talking about family with updates etc etc etc. She was telling me about a young person that just recently came out to her. And they have many friends that are trans. Of course, she took it all in stride and is such a supporter. It sounds like this young person really has their act together and is going to be fine. There is a support group in the high school, how cool is that! And the community had a prom event last year for all the LGBT community (they live in a big city) who didn’t or couldn’t go to their own prom simple because of who they are. And they had a blast. Beautiful gowns and suits, great music, no issues or problems, just a really great time. What an amazing story. So not the narrative when I was in high school, that’s for sure!

How wonderful is that? What a great idea. Could this be something that is replicated elsewhere? Okay, so the ideal situation is they would all go to their own prom, and feel comfortable enough to do so. But what if they can’t? Senior prom is such a rite of passage it seems. And it’s a shame that this community doesn’t feel secure enough (both physically and emotionally) to attend.

On the one hand it is sad that this type of event even has to be contemplated. But on the other hand…ya know what I’m sayin’? At least there is enough compassion out there, that some people get it and are making a difference. And at such a young age. My “takeaway” is that while there is a loooonnnngg way to go, some things are changing in some high schools to be more accepting of people. After all, we all people. Period. So a feel good moment for sure.

On a side note, she asked if she could share my bio and picture with this young person to let them know that it can be okay, and you can be happy and successful (her words, not mine, trust me! 😉  ). So we are going to start a mentor relationship. And that is very cool.

So you just never know what experiences others have and that so many are connected one way or another to the LGBT community. Never assume. Never judge. Hear their story first so that you can avoid the taste of your own foot in your mouth. I had no idea where this conversation over a 2.5 hour dinner was going to go, but I am richer for it!!


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