One thing I was thinking about early this morning as I was revisiting this topic in my mind yet again, is the effect of testosterone on the brain and body. It is nasty, nasty stuff! I am so glad that I was able to survive testosterone poisoning for all those years. 

It can make you do and think really stupid things. It gives you the ability to build muscle bulk and get really strong. It also makes your brain go squirrelly (relatively speaking) to be very task oriented and focussed on results. Being hyper competitive, and single task focused vs multi task. 

Some of these things are good things, don’t get me wrong. But if you wonder why women are from Venus and men are, well, from Uranus, it’s because of the frigging testosterone. They can’t help themselves. It is hateful stuff and so glad it is completely gone from my body!! 

For someone who is a trans female, it really screwed with my brain. My brain was looking for estrogen, but all that was being delivered was T. And because it is so strong, it pretty much kicked in the front doors and took over. Which further confused my brain. Not only was it not getting the estrogen it was starved for and fully expecting given my development in utero, it was constantly bombarded with the vial stuff. 

So yes, I do have any interesting perspective. But no longer have one foot in each camp. Both feet are firmly planted where they belong, in my heels, as a member of the sisterhood, and proud to be the woman that I am.


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