It’s interesting where my brain goes, so it appears that my postings go from the serious to the sublime in a heartbeat. Well, that’s because that’s how my life goes. Therefore, as goes my life, so does my blog. Welcome to my world!! Ha ha.

Yesterday was another first. Albeit a very minor one. It was the first time I have flown since I transitioned. Now, let it be known, I was not nervous or concerned in any respect. That’s not the point. What is the point is the reaction of people that I interacted with along the way. Okay, so that’s not quite true. Parenthetically, I was a bit concerned about the body scan/metal detector. I do have a bit more metal in me than the average person due to a past surgery. So I was concerned that I would set off the metal detector and the body scan process would begin. But alas, I sailed right through. Now back to our story…

Random strangers? Not an issue. Except that people automatically, for whatever reason, start chatting with me if we are standing in line, on the flights etc, etc, etc. Now, if I was a paranoid person, I could say that it was because they weren’t sure of “what” I was, so they figured they would test my voice to see if that would betray me. Sad to say, this does happen with many that I know in the trans community. However, in my case, people continued to carry on the conversation, and didn’t dash off immediately when I first open my mouth. So, I happily continue to engage. No problemo. 

I did have one gate agent inspect my ID for an inordinate length of time, for the first time ever. Not sure what she was looking for. Looking for the “F” in the usual location? It’s there. ID is not an issue. Proper name, correct gender. So not sure what that was about. On another flight, the gate agent didn’t bat an eyelash and just said “welcome aboard Mrs. X”. Note: I do get my fur up when they say Mrs., because I am not. But, if that is the worst thing that happens when I travel? Ya know what I’m saying?…

One gentleman sitting across from me on a short haul flight, actually got my attention to point I out that we could look down the aisle, look out the front windshield and see the complete approach to the runway. (Yes, it is was a small plane, 16 seats, one of my favorite flights, mostly because it’s a great 40 minute nap.) Anyway, that was very interesting. Never happened to me before. But I am getting used to it. People just seem to want to talk with me. All part of the journey I suppose. 

I had one lady at the luggage carousel give me a very long once over, from head to toe. Not sure what her issue was? That sometimes is the confusing part for me. I was in casual attire, but tasteful and appropriate for comfy flying. So pretty sure that wasn’t it. Was she “checking me out?” or “checking me out” if you get my drift. EIther way, don’t care. I did not feel uncomfortable or threatened, etc, etc, etc. So all in all, it was business as usual. From going through security, to relaxing in the business lounge preflight, to the flights themselves, to the driver of the cab to take me to my final destination. 

That aspect is all good. Which means so am I.


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