Yesterday I had a meeting with a member of a newly formed ad hoc committee that is tasked with reviewing the implementation of various policies regarding diversity and equity across the entire organization. While I am tasked with reviewing how that is being accomplished just in my department, I, of course, am interested as to how this will work on the larger stage, so to speak.

This was a really good opportunity to get outside of my own little world and speak about issues on a much grander scale. We had a great chat regarding my own experience “coming out” and how it impacts others who are just starting their journey and preparing for the scary step of coming out themselves. We tend to get so wrap up in our own circumstances and trapped inside our own heads that we forget about the larger community. So this was a really good exercise for me to pull back the lens, and get a wider view of the landscape as it pertains to transgender people.

We had a great chat. I was able to provide them with a few key documents regarding tracking of policy implementation and processes, etc regarding diversity. They are going to keep me in the loop and let me know how else I am able to provide input etc for the committee. They also want me to provide feedback on the process for the audit that I am conducting within my department. That will be easy. I already have tons of recommendations for improvement and I have just started! But then again, that is typical of me, miss opinionated!

So, while our transition is, for the most part, all about us and our families, etc. it is always good to take a moment and sit back and think about the bigger picture.


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