Ugh. I have a really crappy bad cold. Actually lost my voice last night halfway through my lecture, so had to cut the class short. First time every that has happened….but I digress.

My point is that this is the first really big cold I have had since my transition and HRT, so about 1.5 years. It is very different from the colds I used to get. Sure, I am stuffy, congested, sore throat, etc, etc, etc….and all I want to do is sleep . But the magnitude of the symptoms is radically different. They are no where near as “severe” as they were in the past. No muscle ache like I used to get. The level of pain in my throat (which always crippled me in the past at the smallest sign of a cold) is negligible, relatively speaking.

So, it would appear, in my opinion, that testosterone was the culprit. No T, no aches or pains. Now I know that I am loosing muscle mass for sure and my strength, particularly in my upper body has diminished quite a bit. Thank god I am no longer poisoned by testosterone!!

And for any CIS women out there that have witnessed their men turn into babies with a cold and don’t see what the big deal is? Trust me, the “man cold” is real. If you want to find out, jack yourself up with Testosterone and see what it’s like. But I can’t see why anyone who wasn’t trans would do this. Consider yourselves lucky.

For me? Just happy that I survived Testosterone poisoning and can now come out from under the shadow of that nasty stuff. All that being said, pass me a kleenex please? I’m going back to bed. Sigh.


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