It was a year ago today that I was revived two days after life saving surgery, and taken off life support. Two weeks of hospital care in the critical care unit and surgery floor provides one with a lot of time to think. Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes, well, not so much. For me, it solidified the need to complete my transition in all aspects, 100%, as quickly as possible, safe and smart. And I did. I realized that you have to act, you don’t know what’s coming around the corner. Don’t take life for granted. Act. Now.

One thing that did help during those two weeks as how I was treated with complete dignity and respect. I was never misgendered. The correct proper nouns and my proper named were used without fail. All those involved in my medical care knew how stressful this situation was for me and understood that referring to me by proper pronouns and name was critical to my well being. No issues. I received outstanding care, which is why I type here, today, happy (blissfully so) and healthy.

So, it can be done. My being trans had nothing to do with them, but everything to do with me. And their concern was my health. Correctly so. My hope that this becomes the norm and not the exception.

I’m still here. All trans people should not have to worry about or deal with treatment to their physical and mental well being that may result in them not still being here. They shouldn’t have to even remotely think about suicide to aleviate their suffering.

Let’s all work for the common good and humanity of the world.


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