Okay, so that is quite the conversation starter?!? It all has to to with a conversation I had yesterday that was remarkably similar to many, many others I have had over the past year…essentially since Caitlyn came out. Now, I am going to try my best not to politicize this, so here goes.

The conversation quickly ran to the other person pretty much villainizing Caitlyn for her political activities, both in the trans community and the GOP. My stance? Don’t really care. I have better things to worry about, and really….why are we being so divisive within our own community?

Here’s the thing. In law, we have a saying. There are three sides to every story. What she said, what he said, and the truth. Unless you are inside the minds, or present every nanosecond in the other person’s life, you don’t have all the facts. So why waste your energy judging? Judging what? Something based upon what the media reports? What shows up on social media? Really? You don’t know the full story. And that was my message to the conversation partner yesterday.

It started with the Vanity Fair cover and went down hill from there. As for the Vanity fair thing…how much control to you really think she had on the cover?? The answer? None. According to sources in the industry, the producer calls all the shots including the outfit. And I would also like to know when Caitlyn came out stating that she wanted to be the dejure representative for all transgender women in the USA or North America? Never, as I best determine. In my humble opinion, we, the trans community made her the defacto representative and she took it on gradually.

Yes, her political views are with the GOP and yes, she said some disturbing things relative to impact of the Republicans being elected. Fine. Her prerogative. But yes, the optics were not good. Move on. As for her attending inaugural events, I must admit, in someways, strategically, it was brilliant. There is an old saying…”hold your friends close but your enemies closer*”. Being visible keeps trans issues in the face of “the Donald”. So, it could possibly be a very shrewd move. Possibly. Unless I speak with her directly, I really don’t know her motives. So, I move on. I don’t have all the facts. Without them, no point it getting to wrapped out about it.

Look….I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to transition under the microscope of humanity, with media scrutiny, and everyone judging her on everything she says and did. Oh my gosh…I had a hard enough time as it was in my own little world. And yes, she did agree to do the show, I am Cait. Think of that what you will. But again, I refuse to waste energy speculating on her motivations. And I don’t exactly list E! or TMZ or the National Enquirer or other agencies of their ilk as a reputable source of information on any scale. So, I don’t have the facts, I don’t judge, I move on. Love or hate the show, love or hate her, the show did get a lot of conversations going. And the women she surrounded herself with were, and still are, nothing short of brilliant! I mean Jennifer Boylan, Kate Bernstein, Jenny Richards, et al, I mean come on! I would love to spend even just an hour with those women.They, to me, were the show. Call the show whatever the hell you want, but they were the substance holding it up.

And to put my conversation to rest yesterday, if I had her money, honestly, I too would have someone come in everyday to do my hair, makeup and help with wardrobe. I mean come on?!?! How fun would that be!

*While this quote has often been attributed to Sun Tzu, but there is no definitive indication of that, though there are passages that elude to the same concept. These exact words appear to have their origin in, wait for it, The Godfather II, uttered by Michael Corleone:
“My dad taught me numerous things here — he educated me in this room. He trained me — hold your friends close but your enemies closer.”



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