It  is so sad to be chat with trans people who are afraid to be who they are. And as a result, when they are out, they try to make themselves as small as they can, head down, more of a look of fear than happiness to be who they are. I know that there are different levels of acceptance depending on your community, customs, values, etc, etc, etc. And of course, please, keep yourself safe.

It is unfortunate though, that I see this in my environment. I honestly wish I could just spend time with each of them and have them go out with me and experience what I experience. Nothing. No issues, problems etc, etc, etc. Confidence and self acceptance is everything. Be confident in who you are. Be proud of who you are. You are strong…you made the decision to survive, transition and let the world experience your authentic self. Don’t deprive society of your awesomeness!

I was at a big trade show like event for the public this past weekend. Literally tens of thousands of people were there. I was there with my bestest (as my kids said when they were young!!) friend in the world. She just happens to be trans as well. We had a great time. Talked to so many different venders regarding their products and what would be the best fit for our situation etc, etc, etc. We chatted with other people in attendance as we waited in line to view the luxury “big ticket” items etc, etc. Not an issue. Not one sideways glance, quizzical look, stares, etc.

We owned our space. Heads up high, big smiles, laughing, joking, poking fun at each other, (which we do all that time 😉 ) …just two girlfriends out taking in the sites and sounds of the “CIS world”. We have the right to be there, just like anybody else. But we don’t go there with a chip on our shoulder, or with the intent of making a statement etc. We go there, just like anybody else, to enjoy ourselves and participate in what the event has to offer.

You owe it to yourself to do the same thing. To be who you are, proudly. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be who you are. Don’t deny society the opportunity to see how awesome you are. It may seem difficult at first, but it gets easier and your confidence builds. It is not something you have to fake….you just have to be you! So, be you. Be the best  you, you can be.

Just own it.


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