Had a very interesting conversation with a fellow director yesterday. He knows that I am responsible for evaluating and implementing strategies regarding increasing diversity in our unit. He also say a newspaper article from the other day where I am ask to comment on reporting of gender on forms etc. His comment was in regards to asking for gender on forms, surveys etc. “Why do we do it? Gender, male, female, it shouldn’t matter! A person is a person, is a person.”


It was refreshing to have someone else get it. It makes my job much easier. Unfortunately, I live in a regulated world were we are required to gather and report such data. So this is the fine line I walk just about everyday. And may times it is cause for vertigo!!

So I have to figure out how to serve two masters and also deal with my personal biases. I would love to have the opportunity to address the regulatory agencies regarding this, so that is something on my agenda. It would mean trips to Toronto, Ottawa, Tampa and Brussels, where these bodies reside. But that is merely a speak on the horizon at this point. Sometime I hope to make it happen.

Until then, I try not to look down and keep walking that fine line.


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