As shocking as it sounds, I did have a few minutes of down time this past Sunday. And, there was a big sale on at one of our local golf sporting goods stores. Given that I needed to have my swing checked and tuned due to “certain changes”, I thought, what the hell, and zipped over. Turned out to be a really great time to go as all the Testosterone hoarders in North America were probably tuned into the football conference finals. So I pretty much had the place to myself.

So I was wandering around, poking at clubs when a sales associate approached me to see if he could provide some assistance. Well, a few questions later, and I’m headed of to the driving range and swing analyzer with a variety of clubs to “test drive”, no pun intended. So they set it up and let me have at it. Reactions were priceless. They had to keep moving the target back as I kept blowing past it. He’s looking at the screen, analyzing the numbers etc. “Okay then, so not your average woman golfer”. Ha ha….if only he know….which he didn’t by the way. Anyway, that’s when we started to have some fun.

Off he goes to get more clubs, other sales associates are now sorta wandering over to see what’s going on. “Your spin rate is insane, and club head speed is close to LGPA. So let’s try a few of these…” And on it goes. It turns out that at 5′ 9″ tall, I am too tall for women’s clubs, so men’s clubs it is. Which really sucks cuz I really wanted something with a bit of colour to it. But I have lost a lot of upper body strength, so my swing has changed, which is actually a good thing. So, instead of “over swinging” and doing something stupid, I am now actually swinging “within myself” as they say, and using the club to do all the work.

That, and the fact that the changes I had to make to adjust for…….certain parts of the female anatomy that get in the way, so to speak…and my swing is now all straightened out. Less effort, better results. Perfect! They commented in turn that there is now way anyone is going to let me play from the women’s tees…Ha ha ha. So they had a good laugh at that.

Who knew that shopping for clubs could be fun?! Well, it was hilarious. They had no idea what hit them and their reactions were priceless. A good laugh for sure, which I know, we can all use right about now. I was also surprised at how relaxed I was, which I’m sure also helps. There was no pressure to “perform” like their is for males. They weren’t expecting much, having a woman on the range, and frankly neither was I, not having picked up a club since my surgery last year. But it all worked out. And by the way, I did get a gorgeous pink and black club bag, so I do have some pretty colours!! šŸ˜‰

My “take-away” ?? Relax! Have fun…enjoy the ride! Now there’s a mantra for transitioning that we should all bear in mind.


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