For me, there are so many benefits to transitioning, as one would imagine. But every now and again, I bumped up against something unexpected. I finally decided this past weekend that I have a cold. Now that may sound strange, mostly because, well, it is! Let me explain.

Over the past year and a half, I have not had, what I would deem by historical standards, to have and a cold. And that is a bit strange for me, as I usually get two every year. One in the fall and one in the spring. Not the case recently. However, this weekend, I feel this has changed. I am somewhat congested, coughing, blowing my nose and sounding a bit “nasally”, so to speak.

So how does one decide they have a cold? isn’t it readily apparent? Well….not exactly, at least not for me. I think there are two things at play here. First, I live by myself, so I don’t have anyone around who can provide objective observations on how I look, sound, or act. So I only have self observations to rely on. Second, and this is the crux of my deliberation,  this is nothing…I mean nothing like the colds I used to get you know….before!

Prior to my transition, when I had a cold, I knew it. Everyone knew it. My throat would be so sore I would plead to have someone cut off my neck to remove the pain. I could barely breath, you could hear me sneeze a mile away and my body ached so badly that I couldn’t move!! Now, being testosterone free, that is not the case….at all! I can easily be fully functional, relative speaking. The joint and muscle pain is very mid if at all….again, relatively speaking. This is easy to deal with. Hence why I didn’t have a cold the past year and a half. I probably did, I just didn’t know it as it didn’t meet the threshold of symptoms in my past.

Conclusion? Testosterone is an evil, nasty thing. For a whole bunch of reasons, obviously. But I have just added another one. I am here, today, telling all CIS women that the “man-cold” is a very real thing. So don’t even compare how you deal with a cold with how he is feeling. That’s like comparing apples to say…brussels sprouts. Not even in the same food group!  For a male, the pain, discomfort and overall feeling of “ick” is very real. All thanks to testosterone….or so I believe.

For me? This is awesome! Add another check mark in the “win” column of life.


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