I had the opportunity to spend some time with a really wonderful group of people, all within the trans community today. It is a group that meets regularly every month. What I took away from this particular conversation is that I lead a pretty ho-hum life! I know, that is usually a good thing, and for me, that is no exception. Many who were there were just starting their journey, others half way along (according to them). They were speaking of their own individual milestones, successes, and yes, sad to say, struggles.

How I do recall those days and moments. But they are harder and harder to remember. I have difficulty recalling how I was prior to completing my transition. How I looked, how I acted, and to a degree, how I felt. Not that much around feelings per se, but emotionally. How “unstable” I was. This is all to say, that I now feel like I am in a very stable and normal place. Physically, emotionally and mentally. And isn’t that what we all strive for and need? So, is this my new normal??

I am just doing my thing…working, looking after a house, engaged in volunteer work, spending time with awesome friends and neighbours, and in a very strong relationship with my family.In other words, the typical ordinary¬†life that the vast majority of people live and to a certain degree, take for granted. That is one thing I don’t do….take anything for granted anymore.

Sure, my life is just as ordinary as everyone else. But it is my life. My normal. Yes, I am transgendered. I will never deny that. It is who I am. And make no mistake, I am very proud of who I am. But all I want is to lead this normal life. It just took me 56 years to get here!

So ya, I am now at the point that I just lead a normal life. And ya know…I am totally good with that!!


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