Okay….seriously!?!?!? What does that even mean? I’m sorry, but a) not really any of your business, and b) is that even a thing?

I’m full time in my correct gender. I even dislike the term “full time”. I am me. Full stop. But I digress….let’s leave that for another day. Back to the original query. To me, and only to me, “fully transitioned” is extremely individual. It may not be only after one has had every surgery under the sun. I consider myself to have transitioned. Having said that, I am opting for one of the possible surgeries, as it will resolve a huge trigger of GD for me. GCS or SRS. But even without that, I am confident to say that I have “fully transitioned”. In my mind, I am fully who I am. Me. No one else. Not half one and half another. 100% pure me. Ergo, what is left to transition? I could go on and on with that one, but oh my….how do you even begin to respond to that. The only good thing about that question is that it does open the door for a more meaningful conversation.

I understand that most CIS people are new to this and trying to wrap their head around it. I try not to take offence. For the most part, they have no clue and do not have malicious intent. So, chalk it up to experience. I move on.


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