Well, I had my six month update visit with my endocrinologist yesterday, blood work, meds, etc, etc. Always fun to spend four hours on the road (return trip) for a 30 minute appointment….but one does what one has to, right? Anywho, my blood work is exactly where it should be for HRT, so she is pleased with that. Everything else, for the most part is bang on as well. There is a deviation with one test that we are trying to figure out, so she is having more blood work done to try to narrow it down. However, she doesn’t seem to be overly concerned, so I guess that’s a good thing?? I am going to keep an eye on it myself an engage my family doctor as well because I sure as hell don’t want anything to go sideways now!

The bulk of our discussion was about next steps, Gender Confirmation Surgery. She went through all the steps for documentation, has all of her letters ready to go to submit to both the Health Ministry for approval of coverage (which it is) as well as for the surgeon I have selected. So, her part is done. I have an appointment with my primary therapist later this month who is going to do the other half of the documentation for my file, again both for coverage approval and for the surgeon. So, the only letter I will need to get is a letter from my family doctor that I am in good health relative to being a good candidate for the surgery. That should be easy peasy. All three of the doctors are completely in the loop and on the same page, so not concerned there. I just have to stay healthy for the next year, which of course is the plan regardless!! Ha ha.

Did a little retail therapy on the way home at Ikea…a few things for the house, and looked a few things for the boat that I may pick up later when it comes close to launch time.

Best part of the day was a lunch date with a friend of mine whom I only see when I go up to the City for my appointments. But more on that another time….


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