TGIF!!!! Love casual Fridays…, back to our regularly scheduled blog….

Got the results back from my recent blood work in preparation for my appointment with my endocrinologist on Monday. Everything is exactly where it should be EXCEPT….the blood panels for liver function. The two enzyme markers used for that are high, indicating my liver function is not great…it is over taxed. So that will be an interesting conversation. I had an hour long chat with my ex last night to figure them out. Even though her speciality is cardiology, the blood tests done are relatively routine, so she is “in the know” about all of them. She was okay with blood count, cholesterol, estrogen and testosterone levels, etc. She did break down what the liver function tests were showing, and it really isn’t concerned. She said what the test says is high, is nowhere near what a surgeon would call high. More important is the trend line, so we will be keeping an eye on them for sure.

The conversation with my endo will be around the possibility of changing my delivery method for my estrogen. I am currently on pills, which have been working great for me, quite happy. However, as they are ingested, they do get processed by the liver, so the liver does take a hit. Patches and injections go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver, so that should be easier on my liver. So we will see what comes out of that. The bonus for the pills, at least for me, is that there are no swings or cycles, as I take the same level everyday, so there are no peaks or valleys. This can happen for many people on injections and even on patches. Don’t like that idea at all! But I will see what my endo thinks.

It is amazing what you have to learn when you ¬†transition to make sure you are well within acceptable parameters and not putting yourself at risk. And this is why it is a really bad idea to self medicate, for any reason!! But that is just my opinion….take it it for what it is. That being said, my mantra throughout all of this is “be smart and be safe about transitioning”….this ain’t no game!




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