Electrolysis…okay, so maybe not so many ups, except for, you know, the really big one….no more friggin hair!! But it is quite literally, a slow and painful process. I’m 18 months in, probably about $8,000 at this point when I include 10 Laser treatments to hit dark hair. Oh what fun! And people think that being trans is a lifestyle choice….like anyone would choose to go through this?? Gimme a break. Anywho….I digress…

I had my usual weekly appointment with my electro tech last evening. Lots to catch up as we hadn’t seen each other in just over a week. Cheeks are completely clear and done. Upper lip and chin…95% done. She’s pretty sure that they are finished as nothing substantial is coming back on a regular basis. Now, just a tiny region around the lower neck to focus on.

We had our usual “gab-fest”, catching each other up on what is going on in our lives. It is almost as good as therapy session for me! We tell each other everything, and I mean everything…..e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g ! She is a good friend and we hang out a lot. I am her first trans person that has committed to the process. She is now a very strong ally for my community. I refer any trans woman I meet to her now. She in turn makes sure that anyone who goes to her independently knows about our support group, gives them my contact info, etc. So, we are building more services and support in my city, slowly but surely!

Our entire sessions are filled with chatter while she works on me. We ran out of time last night, so we are doing dinner and a movie on the weekend to continue!! She is so hilarious and smart….so much fun to be around. I am truly blessed to have found her!! It takes away some of the “pain” of the process, and that, as they say….is a good thing!


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