Back at work after 2 weeks off….which was totally friggin’ awesome! At least it is a slow start….email under control, no hand grenades of issues being lobbed into my office, so that is a good thing….rare, but a good thing!

Electro tonight for 1.5 hours….my weekly appointment. Actually, it is not that bad…I am good friends with my electro tech. We yak through the entire appointment, and then yak some more afterwards as we go for a 30 minute walk. I am her last evening appointment, and we both like to walk, so kill two birds with one stone. We figure another 4 months and all done. Which is great because it’s been just over 1.5 years of weekly appointments! Oh well, the necessities of transition.

Also, just received a note from my gender therapist. She has straightened out an error in my records and she wants to make an appointment to get the paperwork done to start the approval process for gender confirmation surgery. So that is great news! I thought it would be delayed for another 3 or 4 months, but looks like it has been cleared up. So, onward and upward!!! : )


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